Fold and Assemble

Personalized packaging boxes that can be assembled into their customized shapes and sizes with an ease of just folding, are usually preferred by both wholesale and the retail industries. The boxes in this category are produced as flat pieces which require less space to store, can be delivered to a distant place with safety and take lesser time for assembling when required.

Personalized Packaging Boxes with an Ease of Fold to Assemble

Retail industry like food and beverages which include bakery items, pizza, pop corn, soft drinks, French fries, and sandwiches etc much likely to prefer these sorts of packaging solution that require minimal time and efforts in box assembling and less space for storage.

Similarly, the wholesale industry like cosmetic, fashion, and medicine etc which involve delivery of the items to various distant places, particularly require custom packaging boxes that are easy to fold and assemble. As these boxes are usually single units and are made as flat pieces, there are numerous shapes and styles that can be done under this category;

1. Bookend Style
2. Tuck Top Style
3. Auto Lock Bottom Style
4. Four Corner Style
4. Double Wall Style
5. Gable Style
6. Hexagon Style
7. Square Style and many a more.

Above are some of the box styles that have immense and common usage. In every field of packaging and for any products these boxes are the voracious and right choice. So, we make these boxes in the condition of folding and easy assembling. When these boxes are manufactured we make it sure that there is no problem with their assembling procedure. As we deliver these boxes for distant areas so makes their assembling process quick and handy for the users.

The folding and assembling of packaging boxes are fully customizable. You can order for any size or volume for these boxes to hold your product gracefully with the element of protection. These boxes can become robust after their assembling. The locking system after assembling also becomes superbly resilient. Moreover, to add charm in your packaging style we are offering digital printing, embossing, and debossing, scoring, perforation, custom window cut out, die window patching, the addition of strings, cards, and many more.

For long distance delivery, we offer our boxes with low rates but high in quality. For further info and delivery process, you can contact us on our customer care services. For designing and styling variations you are welcome at design support expert’s team. We are delivering our best to make your item phenomenal and outstanding. offers a vast variety of shapes and styles along with unlimited options to personalize the design, print and finishing of your required packaging boxes that are easy to assemble and require less space for storage. We use premium quality and eco-friendly stock materials and take lesser time for production and delivery as compared to our competitors.